You have no secrets

“Maintaining some intrigue,” says the AskMen Web site, “keeps the spice in dating.”

Neil Kramer’s wang begs is determined to disagree:

If anything, today is the day of promotion, marketing, advertising. You WANT to have a video on YouTube of you screwing the entire women’s volleyball team. In fact, rather than keeping secrets on the first date, I suggest you hand over a document listing every woman you ever shagged. Even better, try to get testimonials of how good you were in bed. It is asinine to keep a woman guessing. It’s like a job interview. She’ll just move on to the next candidate.

Geez, and I feel uneasy about padding out a mere résumé.

What I don’t know for sure is whether the organ in question is serious about these suggestions or is simply dicking around.

(Via Michael Blowhard. Really.)


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  1. triticale »

    13 September 2006 · 10:08 pm

    I have no secrets.

    I’ve been married 33-1/2 years. She knows what I’m like in bed.

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