The Energizer Bunny of phones

You may remember this little love token from years gone by:

A Nokia 3300-series phone is forever

The revived Nokia 3310Well, it’s back:

Is your current phone screen in smithereens? Maybe it’s packed in rice in your hotpress after it slipped from your pocket straight into the loo. We have all suffered the heartbreak of injuring our smart phone somehow. Yes we got apps that tell us we’re fat and lazy, high def cameras to capture every passing moment and geolocation which has some creepier applications. But what we really want is to return to a simpler time when a phone was primarily a phone with one game on it. And also make it indestructible please … Step forward the NOKIA 3310 for the 21st century.

Considered by many as indestructible (because in fairness it was) there’s been many calls for the 3310 to be put back on the market and it seems that Nokia are about to do just that. Originally in 2000 the NOKIA 3310 was in many ways the beginning of modern day mobiles.

I got mine at the turn of the century; I did eventually kill it, but it took me nearly nine years to do so, and while I was selecting a new phone, the store clerk informed me that this contraption’s SIM card looked like nothing she’d ever seen before. Well, of course not.


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  1. McG »

    6 March 2017 · 10:25 pm

    Well, now we’re at the point where SIM cards can get stuck under your fingernail and you wouldn’t even notice. I can remember the one for my second flip phone, because I never saw the one for my first. In fact I remember the Cingular rep who sold us the second phones explaining that now our subscriber information was on these little cards we could transfer to new phones whenever we decided to upgrade.

    It wasn’t until we went smartphone that miniSIMs and microSIMs entered the picture.

    Soon the damn things will be visible only under an electron microscope.

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