It puts the “grunt” in “disgruntled”

This has been out for about a year, and it hasn’t grown any less irritating:

FJ provides the appropriate level of scorn:

Good heavens. I get that there’s humor implied but taken literally, the ad seems to be saying: you are not allowed any enjoyment above the mere minimal requirements to live; invest that money instead. (And what? When you die your heirs are then told to take THAT money and invest it?).

And again: I get that it’s aimed at the people out there who have no savings and who spend super-frivolously, but to me it sounds like an awful way to live: “What is the cheapest brand of whatever I can buy, and invest the thirty-five cents I save over what my preferred brand would cost?”

I have a hard time with the whole “measuring out my life with coffee-spoons” thing, and this ad seems to promote it.

The Puritans never died off; they just rebranded themselves.


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    6 March 2017 · 9:16 pm

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