He was the bravest of them all

The Z Man titled a post “We Need a Tom Doniphon,” and I knew at once what he meant. Just to make sure we’re paying attention, though, Z plugged in this last paragraph:

America is headed for a bad end unless things change quickly and radically. The suicide cult that has control of our society is not going to stop until we’re all dead. At some point, you have to use every means necessary to prevent a catastrophe. If that means Lindsay Graham winds up in a pit covered in lime, so be it. If Bill Kristol has to write his tantrums from exile in Israel, I can live with that. In order to have a world run by Senator Ranse Stoddard, you first need a Tom Doniphon to do the dirty work of clearing out Liberty Valance.

Burt Bacharach and Hal David put together a wonderful song called “The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance,” after John Ford’s film; however, the song does not appear in the film. (Ask Eddy Grant what that’s like.) Some latter-day genius came up with the idea of creating a video for the song, based on the original trailer plus a couple of pertinent scenes. (Jimmy Stewart was Ranse Stoddard, and John Wayne was Tom Doniphon.)

Gene Pitney was never better, and today, 55 years after the film, Liberty Valance is as relevant as ever.



  1. Dink Newcomb »

    15 February 2017 · 10:50 am

    Great memory of the song and movie. I remembered that there was some conflict with the movie but I thought I had heard that it was played with the closing credits. No dispute here, just rambling, which I do way better than remembering things, anymore.
    I remember that Andy Devine was in it, one of the few movies he was in.

  2. Joseph Hertzlinger »

    16 February 2017 · 12:10 am

    This sounds like the right-wing version of the leftists who insist on the right to punch people they disagree with.

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