Strange search-engine queries (576)

What we have here, as we have had most Monday mornings for the last decade or so, is a collection of the weirder search strings that led people to this very site. (Don’t worry if one of them is yours: yes, we do record your IP address, but yes, we’re too lazy to track you down.)

how to replace a toilet:  Inevitably, this must have come up on a weekend when the plumbers charge extra.

from the albums released by a musician, the recording company wishes to release in a boxed set. how many different boxed sets are possible, assuming that the order in which the albums are chosen for a boxed set is irrelevant?  Which, judging from some of the box sets I’ve seen lately, should be assumed.

russell westbrook points:  And then laughs.

pony insurance:  In case you were wondering how Filthy Rich earned his cutie mark.

judge jeanine naked:  Fox News doesn’t need ratings that badly.

bail bonds near me:  Which makes more sense than, say, bail bonds at the other end of the county.

2017 surly troll:  Steve Bannon, had he not gotten a government job.

written episode legs:  Including several pages of shoe dangle, presumably for fanservice.

a few inches later:  She told him to get off and quit wasting her time.

626 number meaning:  It is the number of the man half a block from the Beast.

suppose ford, gm, and dodge make the majority of pick-up trucks sold in the united states if they all sell for approximately the same price, and ford offers a $2,000 rebate on new truck sales, what can ford expect to see?  The same old thing, because competitors will immediately throw cash on their hoods.

are they ill tempered:  Ever since the election.

nudist fiction:  Presumably taking place in the summer, for what I would consider obvious reasons.

foreskin news:  With your host, fast-talkin’, slow walkin’, good-lookin’ Mohel Sam.



  1. Holly H »

    13 February 2017 · 10:19 am

    foreskin news? Are you making these up? Now I’m so curious, I’m going to go search for that, so expect to see me in your queue tomorrow.

  2. CGHill »

    13 February 2017 · 4:14 pm

    I could never make up stuff this weird.

  3. Dan T. »

    13 February 2017 · 6:24 pm

    The pickup truck question seems to be from this sample Econ 201 exam:

    Why that brought somebody to your site I have no idea; NOW it’s linked by Google because of this page, but where in your site you had something matching it before I have no idea.

  4. CGHill »

    13 February 2017 · 7:12 pm

    Google, if it doesn’t initially find the complete quote, will look for words within it. I’ve put out several pages about truck sales. And were I so inclined, I could dig down through a very thick .CSV file and retrieve the details, including the searcher’s IP address, but I am sworn to ignore such things.

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