But does it play backwards?

Heavens above, it’s a turntable called LOVE:

I question that “No weight on the grooves” claim; if you don’t have tracking force, the stylus — looks like a standard Audio-Technica — doesn’t stay in the groove. I’m sure they worked to minimize the tracking force, though even old-fashioned turntables like mine can manage a force of one gram or so.

Still, it’s kind of neat-looking, and in the first few days of the Kickstarter, they’ve raised about six times their original goal.

The LOVE will retail at $599 when it’s released to the general public: backers who put up at least $319 should get one in October.


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  1. Chuck Pergiel »

    8 February 2017 · 3:44 pm

    For that tiny niche of rich people who spend their time looking for expensive gadgets to buy because they don’t have anything else to do.

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