Lada these were made

This unassuming five-door hatchback is the Lada VAZ-2109 by AutoVaz:

VAZ-2109 hatchback

The Russians managed to sell a bunch of these in Europe under the name “Lada Samara” between 1987 and 1997; production continued until 2011 for the home market and for Third World nations that couldn’t afford to be awfully picky.

The 2109 was sold only with front-wheel drive; a choice of three inline four-cylinder engines, none over a liter and a half; and a four-speed manual. If any of these found their way into the States, it was probably over the Canadian border.

(Via Vintage Everyday.)



  1. McG »

    4 February 2017 · 8:14 am

    In those Russian car crash videos I’ve seen, about half the time if a Lada wasn’t involved in the crash, one was nearby. Looking sinister.

    I wouldn’t have recognized this 2109 though, so maybe it’s more than half.

  2. ETat »

    4 February 2017 · 9:02 am

    Lada is one of the brands (export model) of Zhiguli, a family of cars manufactured on auto concern in Tolyatti, a city on Volga-river that was built around the VAZ manufacture (named after the Italian Communist Party leader Palmiro Togliatti ). As you can guess, the cars design and whole production lines / technological process were made after Fiat.

  3. CGHill »

    4 February 2017 · 11:29 am

    Yeah, there are Fiat 124 (I think) bones under this thing.

  4. Brett »

    4 February 2017 · 12:58 pm

    What’s interesting is that even in the ad pic the thing looks junky, and that’s probably supposed to be showroom-caliber.

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