Caduceus wild

Number One granddaughter — this would be Laney, Russ’s oldest — apparently maxed out some tests they give to students on the cusp of high school.

Laney accepts an academic award, 2 February 2017

Explained her mom:

She was recommended for Honors English, Honors Biology, and Honors Geography for next year, as well as Principles of Biomedical Science. I’m so proud of her!

Wait, what? Biomedical science?

[S]he’s actually taking the pre-med academic path for high school.

It’s a long and torturous path, I’m sure, but I’m liking the way this sounds.



  1. McG »

    3 February 2017 · 5:33 pm

    Laney Hill, M.D.?

    Liking… liking…

  2. fillyjonk »

    3 February 2017 · 5:52 pm

    Dang. Smart kid. All the best to her. (And it makes me happy to know some schools at least are still doing Geography)

  3. Joe »

    4 February 2017 · 4:57 am


  4. ETat »

    4 February 2017 · 6:28 am

    Serious girl. What my grandma called”naches from kids”.

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