Nor will you be able to carpool

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles has been promising that the upcoming new Dodge Challenger SRT Demon, the Hellcat of Hellcats as it were, would be at least 200 lb lighter than the original 707-hp Hellcat. How did they do this? In the most direct way possible:

[T]o shed as much weight as possible from the Challenger Hellcat’s considerable mass, the mysterious Demon [will] make do without many of the things we’ve come to associate with modern automobiles.

Including seats.

No, the driver won’t be required to bring his or her own milk crate, but they sure won’t find themselves engaged in stimulating discussion. That’s because they’ll be alone.

When Dodge finally brings its devilish creation to consumers, the model will boast a single seat. Gone are the front passenger seat and rear bench. This, along with other notable deletions (described in detail by Motor Authority), is FCA’s easy and fast route to shedding 215 pounds from the vehicle’s weight. The missing seats alone account for 113 pounds of weight loss.

When we say this vehicle is a stripper, we mean it in the real, junkyard sense of the word. The automaker plans to ditch all but two stereo speakers, leaving one in each door, while scrapping 18 pounds of sound insulation. Those speakers had better be loud. Also on the list of missing components are the spare tire and trunk liner.

If nothing else, it will discourage your friends from asking for a ride — eventually. (Does this mean that there’s no passenger-side airbag? And would the absence thereof save any weight?)

I suppose this regimen is intended to insure that this little darb is used strictly as a track toy. If so, it could have been done even more directly: the 1967-69 Corvette was offered with a 560-hp 427 engine as part of a package called L88, which was delivered with neither radio nor heater.


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