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The Z Man rather hilariously dismisses the site known as Red State:

Red State is a website that was originally started as sort of a “conservative” alternative to the left-wing blogosphere. I put quotes there because Red State’s brand of conservatism has always been the housebroken type of stuff popular on the Bush wing of the GOP. Like a lot of so-called conservatives in the Bush years, Red State was basically just a cheering section for the Republicans. Whatever Team Bush proposed, Red State branded as “Reaganesque” and “principled conservatism,” especially if it meant killing Muslims.

That probably sounds harsh, but I’m just getting started. Serial plagiarist Ben Domenech, pen for hire Joshua Trevino and the portly proselytizer Erick Erickson saw an opportunity to promote themselves, and maybe lever their popularity with conservative voters, into the careers they thought they deserved. The whole point of Red State was to ball-gargle the establishment, hoping to turn their obsequious rumpswabbery into a Jonah Goldberg lifestyle. The three of them are emblematic of what went wrong with conservatism.

I do love the sound of “obsequious rumpswabbery.”

(About that “plagiarism” charge against Domenech: a New York Times story describing it.)


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  1. John Salmon »

    28 January 2017 · 5:38 pm

    If Domench really is a “serial plagiarizer”, he’d be right at home at the NYT: think Janet Cooke and the like. Or their present coverage of DC. Red State is a typical conservative web site; it could be The Weekly Standard or Power Line of any of the others. Not sure slander-line about killing Muslims-is hilarious. Z man sounds like he tried to break into conservative commentary, failed (for obvious reasons-he’s a lefty), and is pissed off about the whole thing.

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