And Manhattan yields

Three in the morning on the 6th of December in the City of New York, and here’s a guy who makes 240 green lights in a row:

Noah hits 240 green lights. from Shawn Swetsky – Post Producer on Vimeo.

Which says something about NYC, too:

The fact that this feat is possible at all say a lot about the New York City system’s efficiency. Fewer stops means quicker travel times and better fuel mileage. Yes, [Noah] Forman’s drive happened during off hours in order to avoid traffic, but sometimes those are the best times to get out and drive.

I don’t think I’ve ever made ten in a row here in the Okay City.



  1. Dan T. »

    26 December 2016 · 5:43 pm

    “Chase Manhattan” ain’t just a bank…

  2. Roy »

    26 December 2016 · 10:02 pm

    Where I live, sometimes it’s hard to make one in a row.

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