Note for future reference

If you write to tell me I have a broken link somewhere, thank you, and I will fix it when I get around to it.

And if I choose not to use the link you suggest, you have no recourse.

You got that, WhoIsHostingThis? After the third time, you got a permanent place in the spam filter, all to yourselves.


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  1. Dan T. »

    26 December 2016 · 11:35 am

    Yeah, I get those too. It’s fine to point out broken links (even if for the ulterior motive of promoting your own link, which in most cases is fairly irrelevant and ends up being ignored by me even when I get around to fixing the bad link)… but rather presumptious to keep on nagging me with followups asking if I’ve read the earlier message yet.

    But the big question I have is… what’s the deal with all those people offering to translate some random page in my site into some random language (usually eastern European)? I always say “Sure, why not…”, so my site is full of links to translated versions of my pages, but what’s the angle of those people… is it all some big scam I don’t understand?

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