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“Vaughan,” the new WordPress 4.7, broke my ancient comment-preview screen, apparently permanently.

Tell me what you think of the replacement. (It’s been here before.)



  1. McG »

    7 December 2016 · 3:46 pm

    I hadn’t seen working comment preview here in years, but there it is, working quite nicely.

  2. CGHill »

    7 December 2016 · 4:07 pm

    I never liked it all that much, but then I’m easily distracted. And besides, what I was using was dead in the water.

  3. Tat »

    9 December 2016 · 12:26 pm

    I can see the full comment’ dialog box in Firefox (at home), but in Safari, at work, the right side of it gets under Categories boxes on the right margin. So when I’m writing, I can only see part of my text to the border of yellow margin. It appears again when I type enough for the next line, but the blind spot still exist on the right.

  4. CGHill »

    9 December 2016 · 1:30 pm

    And dash it all, Apple is no longer doing Safari for us Windows types, so I can’t crosscheck — though I seem to recall various Safari failures with this textbox in the past.

  5. McG »

    9 December 2016 · 2:09 pm

    The right-hand part of the comment text box extends into the sidebar in Firefox for me — in Linux Mint, but it did that also under Windows 10.

    This may be because I have to use a less-than 1080p resolution on this aging HD screen I use as a monitor, otherwise the edges are off the actual screen space.

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