Welcome to post-literacy

The asshats, they are everywhere:

My mom sent me a clipping from her “back home” paper she get about a woman who showed up drunk at a political rally and started painting phalluses in peanut butter (!) on people’s cars, and while she meant it to be amusing, I just found it distressing because really — being needlessly ugly. So many people now are being needlessly ugly and it seems the ad hominem has replaced the “finding logical counter arguments to the points the person is making that you disagree with.”

If she “meant it to be amusing,” that’s more than enough qualification for rectal millinery: wieners are funny only in context, and vandalism is never funny at all.

It doesn’t help, of course, that we’re embroiled in a political campaign involving the two worst candidates in the history of the Republic, and that their loudest (and probably drunkest) partisans are straight out of William Butler Yeats: “The worst are full of passionate intensity.” Yeah, they’re full of something, all right.



  1. fillyjonk »

    1 November 2016 · 1:40 pm

    what rough beast, indeed.

    (I have recited that poem in my head more times than I care to remember this year. Perhaps there is a downside to having been made to memorize poetry)

  2. The Other McCain »

    1 November 2016 · 10:14 pm

    In The Mailbox: 11.01.16

    Dustbury: Welcome To Post-Literacy

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