Going to Kathmandu

Hey, it worked for Bob Seger, didn’t it?

This is Sitashma Chand, born on Halloween in 1983, who speaks several languages, played basketball in college (she’s 5’8″, I am told), and won the title of Miss Nepal for 2007:

Sitashma Chand on the pier

Sitashma Chand on the couch

Sitashma Chand with her husband

The chap in the last photo is Benjamin Zachary Price: he and Sitashma were wed in 2013.

The sponsor of Miss Nepal 2007 was Dabur Vatika, a brand of toiletries, which of course sought to maximize its exposure:

One of Sitashma’s languages is English, which she uses on her Twitter account, most recently here:

The last we’ve heard from her, regrettably.



  1. ETat »

    29 October 2016 · 10:43 pm

    The least we can hear OF her, the better

  2. The Other McCain »

    30 October 2016 · 10:03 pm

    Rule 5 Sunday: Wonder Girls And Indians

    Sex in Advertising is covered by Marilyn Monroe. At Dustbury, it’s Bat for Lashes and Sitashma Chand. (Not available at AutoZone.)

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