Without the brand names

When it was announced that the Mavericks would be starting the five guys you could expect to see starting in the actual season, I sighed a bit; I figured Billy Donovan’s rotation technique, the basketball equivalent of throwing stuff against the wall to see if it sticks, would put the Thunder behind the 8-ball early on. And indeed, OKC fell behind by 20 at one point. Rick Carlisle, however, was anxious to see some of his reserve troops in action, and the Thunder gradually pulled back into contention, even tying the Mavs several times and taking a three-point lead with 5:24 left. It didn’t last long — Dallas promptly went on an 8-0 run — but it made several of us feel better. And so did Kyle Singler, starting at the three after Andre Roberson turned up bruised; he led all the starters with 17, and when’s the last time you heard that? The Mavs prevailed, 114-109, but hey, it’s only the preseason. Still, this is the first time Dallas has beaten Oklahoma City in the preseason, and this is not the sort of precedent one wants to set.


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    Dustbury: Without The Brand Names

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