No Italian cars for you

The closing of the Alfa Romeo/Fiat dealership in Dallas prompted this grumble from a local Alfa fan:

Fiat is not going to find a market in this country until this country gets less country, and that’s going to take a while; we are a relatively adolescent nation without easy access to higher education, and many Americans have never been exposed to other continents. The mainstream majority, with a limited frame of reference and a small income, have resorted to rejecting anything that originated outside of the United States. This would include vehicles that do not meet the current American automotive aesthetic … big, mean and ugly. So we have pickup trucks, which are intended to carry anything that is too big [to] ride in a passenger car, driven to work in the city by people wearing cowboy boots to offices. And then we have Sport Ubiquitous Vehicles, most of which never drive over anything more challenging than a speed bump. Meanwhile, my relatives in New Mexico — who have lived on cattle ranches for many generations — drive through the desert to and from the ranch house in a Cadillac. They only use trucks to haul cattle and a Jeep to drive out on the range.

I guess those New Mexican folk aren’t country in that sense.

Meanwhile, in Oklahoma City, you can still buy Fiats. Maseratis, even.



  1. McG »

    4 October 2016 · 2:37 pm

    Yes, Dallas is the most hidebound, country-fried town east of the Salton Sea.

  2. Roy »

    4 October 2016 · 6:38 pm

    As long as they are spending their own money, who cares what they drive in Dallas.

  3. fillyjonk »

    5 October 2016 · 3:30 pm

    That’s quite a little fit of pique that fellow throws there.

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