This world sucks

And as time wears on and the sucking continues, I contend that I am perfectly justified in wanting to leave.



  1. McG »

    1 October 2016 · 5:42 pm

    When I am the only one who thinks a conclusion is obvious, I take that as a sign to re-examine my premises.

  2. fillyjonk »

    1 October 2016 · 6:52 pm


    I sincerely hope something starts looking up for you soon. Lots of us out here are pulling for you, for whatever that’s worth.

  3. zigzag »

    2 October 2016 · 2:44 pm

    I love little baby ducks, old pickup trucks
    Slow-movin’ trains and rain
    I love little country streams, sleep without dreams
    Sunday school in May and hay
    And I love you, too

    I love leaves in the wind, pictures of my friends
    Birds of the world and squirrels
    I love coffee in a cup, little fuzzy pups
    Bourbon in a glass and grass
    And I love you, too

    I love honest, open smiles, kisses from a child
    Tomatoes on the vine and onions
    I love winners when they cry, losers when they cry
    Music when it’s good and life
    And I love you, too.
    Written by Tom Hall, Tom T. Hall

  4. zigzag »

    2 October 2016 · 2:52 pm

    I feel I gotta PUFF UP this place a little, next, polkas … it’s always polkas in my mind. There is a Hebrew song, Dayenu, also apropos. Here’s a 70’s ditty. Dedicated to Chaz. Here is the human spirit, do not accept defeat. Knock it aside and put your own spin on it ! please.

    Oh Lord it’s hard to be humble
    When you’re perfect in every way.
    I can’t wait
    To look in the mirror.
    Cause I get better looking each day.
    To know me is to love me.
    I must be a hell of a man.
    Oh Lord It’s hard to be humble,
    But I’m doing the best that I can.

    I used to have a girlfriend,
    but I guess she just couldn’t compete,
    With all of these love-starved women,
    Who keep cowering at my feet.
    Oh I probably could find me another,
    But I guess they’re all in awe of me.
    Who cares?
    I never get lonesome.
    Cause I treasure my own company.


    I guess you could say I’m a loner.
    A cowboy out lone, tough, and proud.
    I could have lots of friends
    If I wanted.
    But then I wouldn’t stand out from the crowd.
    Some folks say that I’m egotistical.
    Hell I don’t even know what that means.
    I guess it has something to do
    With the way that I fill out my skin tight with jeans.


    I’m doing the best that I can.

  5. CGHill »

    2 October 2016 · 3:29 pm

    Um, I really don’t want the Copyright Police breathing down my back, you know what I mean?

  6. ETat »

    2 October 2016 · 3:40 pm

    Chaz, it’s gotta be the effect of all those pills you’re swallowing combined. Otherwise, I can’t see WHY.
    Look, you’re over the worst – you’ve passed on this side of surgery. You forgot how terrible it was before that? Even if you’re using a walker, it’s still much better than before. I get it, the bill was the last drop – because in itself, it’s just the usual nuisance. I’m sure you’ve dealt with the likes of that many times before.

    Keep trying – and keep writing. Please.

  7. CGHill »

    2 October 2016 · 4:04 pm

    Just for the hell of it, I tried out the Death Clock. It says I’ve overstayed my welcome by seven years.

  8. Steve Lackmeyer »

    2 October 2016 · 5:30 pm

    Screw the clock. It was probably made in China.

  9. ms7168 »

    4 October 2016 · 6:32 am

    Mine said Feb. 5th, 2027. I’ve seen that year on some other apps as well.

  10. ETat »

    4 October 2016 · 9:50 pm

    I want to see the idiot who made that clock – and spit in his face.
    Chaz, where is your sense of humor?

  11. CGHill »

    4 October 2016 · 9:59 pm

    Gone somewhere it can catch up on its sleep, I suspect.

  12. nightfly »

    5 October 2016 · 2:26 pm

    I’m sure many of us have had moods in which we want to leave – and sometimes that’s understandable – but justified in wanting isn’t the same as justified in going.

    Please, don’t do any further violence to yourself. Life’s done enough to you without you adding to the tally.

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