September in the rain

It was in fact raining on Saturday when I got the notification of a new box set:

Dinah Washington 3-CD box set released October 2016

Which gave me an excuse to spin Dinah Washington’s last pop hit, from 1963:

Quite apart from the pop stuff, Washington was known as a blues singer, and in that same year of 1963 she cut an album called Back to the Blues, some of which was actually bluesy. (See, for instance, the last track, “Nobody Knows the Way I Feel This Morning.”)

Autographed photo of Dinah Washington

Dinah Washington does some album art

And sadly, in that same year of 1963, Dinah Washington, only thirty-nine, died, after having apparently dabbled in barbiturates. Meanwhile, in 2016, the rain has stopped for now.



  1. Roger O Green »

    21 September 2016 · 11:16 am

    My dad had her albums.

  2. Rule 5 Sunday: Life Is Beautiful : The Other McCain »

    25 September 2016 · 9:00 pm

    […] Vintage Babe is Anouk Aimee, and Sex in Advertising is covered by Guess. At Dustbury, it’s Dinah Washington and Juliet Prowse. […]

  3. BLBeamer »

    26 September 2016 · 4:56 pm

    Dinah was married to the late, very great Detroit Lions cornerback “Night Train” Lane at the time of her death. He was husband number 7, I think.

  4. CGHill »

    26 September 2016 · 5:42 pm

    Yep. He was the one who found her unresponsive and called for emergency assistance.

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