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Bill Quick explains why you haven’t been able to get to Daily Pundit these days:

I initiated the transfer of the Daily Pundit domain to the new host as registrar on 8/27. I was told at the time that it would take “up to seven days” for the transfer to complete, at which point the domain’s DNS data would be pointed at the correct site, that data would propagate over the internet (DNS data is basically directions on how to find a site/IP#/whatever).

Well, the 7th day has dawned, and the transfer is still “pending.”

I hope we’ll see some action today, although when I inquired about it a couple of days ago, a tech said, “Sometimes it takes a little longer.” Which sent shivers down my spine.

I’ve done this twice, with two different domains, and neither time did it take more than three days. Then again, different hosts were involved.

In the meantime:

Anyhow, if you want to just look at Daily Pundit in its new home, go to this link:

You’ll see a few things right away: The site is there, it looks weird, and nothing on it works because every time you click on something it tells you that the site cannot be reached.

Still, this can’t last forever — can it?



  1. William Quick »

    5 September 2016 · 12:58 am


    Probably not, Chaz. But each day brings a new “What Fresh Hell?” moment in the exciting
    annals of web site transfers.

  2. CGHill »

    5 September 2016 · 12:51 pm

    So it often seems. And I often wonder if some of our Web hosts are playing with a full deck. (I have no problems with mine, knock wood.)

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