And death to your hometown

According to Warren Meyer, Bruce Springsteen has settled into an unsettling niche:

In Springsteen’s late era, he has simply become some grim prophet of New Jersey post-industrial decline. I can handle his pop stuff, but his more recent stuff is simply unlistenable in my book. Here is what it reminds me of: For those of you who saw the movie Network, remember how Howard Beale was taken aside by the Ned Beatty character for a grim lecture? Before that moment, Beale was a popular, authentic spokesman who hit a nerve with the populace. Afterwards, he was boring and depressing and unwatchable. I have always wondered if Bruce Springsteen had a similar meeting.

I dunno. I kind of like this 2012 single:

Maybe it’s the little Irish flourishes.



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    25 July 2016 · 7:34 pm

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  2. BLBeamer »

    26 July 2016 · 5:29 pm

    While I appreciated a few individual songs, I have never liked Springsteen’s work (or his phony blue-collar persona) in general. I have had friends tell me that “You just don’t understand, man” or some such crap. Nonsense.

    Randy Newman’s skills as a songwriter, composer, arranger and yes, even a singer, beats Springsteen’s hands down.

    Save your time telling me it is only because I don’t like Springsteen’s politics (it is his hypocrisy I can’t stand, not his politics) but Newman has gone public saying he is a Marxist which makes him even stupider politically than Brucie. Newman’s music is just plain better and manifests lots more talent.

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