Rehab: day zero

I think the decision was made when I worked myself into a walker, and then promptly dropped to the floor. (Hey, gravity works.)

Physical therapy, industrial strength. Nobody knows how long it will last.



  1. fillyjonk »

    30 June 2016 · 3:39 pm

    Best wishes for success.

    My dad went through this some ten years ago after a knee replacement, so I have heard a lot about the “torture designed to make you better.”

  2. Roger Green »

    30 June 2016 · 5:46 pm

    Well, zero G probably isn’t an option, currently Good luck!

  3. ETat »

    30 June 2016 · 8:52 pm

    I won’t say: hold on, Chaz! – obviously, it doesn’t work…

    Tell you this instead: today at the elevator at work, when I was returning from lunch, one of the fellow passengers was a guy in his thirties, standing on two prosthetics from knees down. Black and steel, looking like the staff from some Space Odyssey fantasy, or maybe a cartoon. Nobody bat an eye, but I felt cold going down my spine.
    He was completely engrossed into something on his cell, and he had a wedding ring on his finger.

    I felt like total whiner next to him.

  4. Jean »

    30 June 2016 · 11:14 pm

    Sometimes you have to tell THEM what is good for you.

    Good thoughts continuing.

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