An unexpected act of Prestidigitation

Sam Presti comes up with the damnedest deals sometimes. Serge Ibaka will be packing up and heading for Orlando; in return come guard Victor Oladipo, forward Ersan İlyasova, and the rights to the Magic’s #11 draft pick, Domantas Sabonis.

Points of interest:

  • İlyasova has playoff experience: seventeen games with the Bucks, ten of which he started. And he’s at least vaguely familiar with the Thunder organization, as he played a whole season for the old Tulsa 66ers in the D-League.
  • In two games against the Thunder last season, Oladipo put down a triple-double (21-13-10), followed by a 37-point explosion.
  • Sabonis made a name for himself at Gonzaga; in two years he started 32 of 74 games and averaged 13.5 points a game.

In terms of dollars, Oladipo and İlyasova combined make somewhat more than what Ibaka is scheduled to make next year. In the case of İlyasova, he’s guaranteed only $400k unless he makes the Thunder roster by the first of July; Oklahoman beat writer Anthony Slater says that he will, and will be paid $8.4 million. Oladipo is a near-bargain at $6,552,960. Serge will earn $12,250,000 next year. And if Sabonis is signed to a rookie contract immediately, he’ll be paid $2,033,500, give or take 20 percent, as is the rule for rookies.

Oh, and the Nuggets sold the #56 pick to the Thunder, point guard Daniel Hamilton from UConn, who will probably spend Year One in the D-League.

Still, nobody does out-of-the-blue trades like Presti, which inspired Royce Young thusly:

Now that’s brass — or something stronger still.

What do I think? Right now, I just want to make sure that I spell “İlyasova” correctly. (That’s a dotted I; Turkish also has an undotted I.)


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