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Some species, we hear, eat their young. I wonder if this is why:

So I’m 19 now , and I’ve really been looking into getting a car. I’ve asked my parents one for Christmas and they said no cuz $. Its really annoying because all my friends have one and they ask girls out using them. Whenever I ask a girl out we have to arrange public transport and that usually turns them off. I know this sounds stupid but don’t worry I’m not just asking for a car to get the ladies. It’s mainly about getting to college. It takes me roughly 2 hours using public transport, meanwhile i checked how much time it would take me If i was using a car. And saw that it would only take me about 30-45 minutes. So I would be getting about 1h30-1hr15 minutes more sleep. Which is a lot.
Now my family isn’t very rich so I’ve narrowed down my options,
The one car I am looking at now is this one:
So it wold be 844$ per month with 5000 $ in down payment.
Now, I want a Tesla because
1. It helps with the ladies
2. Its super quiet
3.Its environment friendly because it is electric/
So before you start yelling at me because the car is so expesive, I’ve done the Maths.
So my dad earns around 55k a year. Which is around 4583$ a month. Now Seeing as he must have 5000$ in his bake account ( I’m assuming) He can make the down payment. And if you substract the 1.5k he pays for rent and the 844$ each month for the car you get 2239$ EVERY MONTH! For you to buy, groceries or hose appliances whatever,
So you can see why I’m frustrated…

I want to know what his dad does that gets him out of paying taxes.

I’m sorry. A child like this, assuming this one actually exists — the trolls have been working overtime of late — is far too stupid to be in college.



  1. JT »

    14 June 2016 · 11:52 pm

    *headdesk* *facehoof*

    Dad could be extremely generous and buy him a black Chevrolet Chevette Diesel w/o air conditioning (0-60 in 18 seconds, if you get a running start at the top of a hill). This is assuming of course that one still exists as more than a small pile of rust.

  2. ETat »

    15 June 2016 · 5:11 am

    Why anybody should buy anything to this Math genius?
    19yo is old enough to be in the Army – so it’s old enough to work.
    Yes, it’s all Dad’s fault – that’s exactly what I’m saying.

  3. fillyjonk »

    15 June 2016 · 6:01 am

    I will just note that I was 30 and employed full-time before I owned my first car. And it was a Ford.

    My response (provided it’s Not A Troll) is that this goober needs to go out and get a job, a job that is taxed at the standard rate, be made to pay for rent and insurance and all that other stuff, and THEN if he has enough cash left over, he can have his damn Tesla.

  4. Roger O Green »

    15 June 2016 · 8:27 am

    Math is not most people’s strong suit. (Nor is spelling, I gather.)

  5. McG »

    15 June 2016 · 10:00 am

    So my dad earns around 55k a year. Which is around 4583$ a month. Now Seeing as he must have 5000$ in his bake account ( I’m assuming)

    Ayone who doesn’t even know where the goddamn dollar sign goes has no business making assumptions about money. As for the dad, he should have been schooling this pissant about financial realities before learned his times tables.

  6. McG »

    15 June 2016 · 10:03 am

    (provided it’s Not A Troll)

    Never a safe assumption at Yahoo Answers. But I would tell him to drop out of college, get the job and buy his own car and get it paid off before even considering going back to college.

  7. jsallison »

    15 June 2016 · 7:17 pm

    Reminds me of back in the day, sis and I would pore over the Sears Christmas Wish Book, making our lists. “Gee, dad, sis and I have narrowed it down to a few very important gifteses and it’s only adds up to $1,200 for the both of us together! Very affordable! Dad worked nights at a texaco tank farm near Altoona PA. This got the reaction it deserved, though we were 7 and 6 at the time. Guess this guy never got past that point.

    My suggestion? The military is hiring, go for it, if you can.

  8. CGHill »

    15 June 2016 · 7:30 pm

    Deep, Dark Secret: I once went through a Sears Spring/Summer catalog and wrote down every single item, from drinking glasses to garden rakes, that I’d expect to have in my Very Own House some day. I hit ten grand, which was a lot of money in the middle 1960s. (Shipping not included.)

  9. jsallison »

    16 June 2016 · 8:58 pm

    Wonder what those same purchases would cost through Amazon, today. Free shipping with Prime. ;)

  10. jsallison »

    16 June 2016 · 9:01 pm

    And that was ’64-ish for me, ya geezer. Great googly moogly I turn 60 next year! When did that happen?

  11. nightfly »

    17 June 2016 · 10:45 am

    Pluralizing “math” and putting the dollar sign after the amount indicates a foreign-born English speaker. “Maths,” for example, is considered correct in Great Britain because it’s the abbreviation of a plural, “mathematics.”

    Not that it makes a bloody lick of sense, but it is, at least, grammatical stupidity.

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