Private sedentary

In which I consider the possibility of spending the rest of my days in a seated position. Not that I want to or anything, you may be sure.



  1. Roger O Green »

    15 June 2016 · 12:45 pm

    Damn it, man. Get well. One of my best friends died in his sleep today. He was 59.

  2. Jean »

    15 June 2016 · 2:10 pm

    geez. I’m so sorry. May a solution be close.

  3. fillyjonk »

    15 June 2016 · 2:53 pm

    Also hoping over here it’s something with a reasonable solution.

  4. zigzag »

    17 June 2016 · 12:37 am

    NOT EVEN ALLOWED TO GIVE UP. someday, be able to look back and laugh at all this — what we need is some hindsight. Here is the view from the Berkshires … I don’t feel wrong. Life is not over, just for convieniences’ sake. also I can’t spell. Charles you need to stick around, just to fuss at all us slackers —

  5. nightfly »

    17 June 2016 · 10:42 am

    I hope they find a resolution for you, Charles. The world is already poor enough without losing one of the good guys. But do stick around, even if seated.

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