Always a reason to Bai

Some celebrity types don’t make a point of showing themselves off, and therefore there aren’t that many semi-salacious photos of them for the weekly Rule 5 roundup. (If you’re not familiar with this particular Rule 5, not part of the Rules of the Internet compendium, here’s your introduction. Short version: clickbait with heels on.)

And at the other end of the spectrum, there’s Bai Ling, who will happily drop stuff like this into her Twitter feed on a regular basis:

Bai Ling Twitter pic from 13 June 2016

Bai Ling Twitter pic from 13 June 2016

Those two, in fact, came out within 24 hours of each other, this week.

Let’s have an oldie but goodie from, oh, five weeks ago:

Bai Ling Twitter pic from 7 May 2016

And as her 13,000 followers know, she’s a #true #hashtag #fiend.


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