Strange search-engine queries (538)

This feature appears every week at approximately this time, in lieu of New Content. Its components: search strings extracted from the traces left by recent visitors to this site, and aimless grumbling contributed by yours truly.

how much is the oklahoma lottery:  Starts at a dollar, ends at the poorhouse.

select all words from this list that have an anglo-saxon origin. mother father friend sheep he aroma me president decade sphere the pizza is:  You want some Anglo-Saxon, I’ll show you some goddamn Anglo-Saxon.

mammalian protuberances:  Or “boobs,” if you prefer Anglo-Saxon.

perverse adolescent lesbo seduces eastern milf:  At some point, boobs were a factor.

superheroine trapped:  Some heroines are more super than others. (Hint: boobs are not a factor.)

georgian politicians private life (sex, oral, anal, orgy total of 12:42 minutes:  Well, you’re not picky, are you?

what to do when being followed:  Follow back, or block.

hardest pullout position:  For some reason, we’ve never been able to persuade American forces to withdraw from the District of Columbia.

would you like us to send you a daily digest about new articles every day rectum:  No, I wouldn’t, asshole.

why did kevin klutz give up tap dancing:  Um, he fell down a lot?

why can’t i sleep at night yahoo answers:  Were I as dumb as those yobbos, I’d probably have sleepless nights of my own.

by the decade of the _____, 35,000 people had been lobotomized in the united states:   See the article “Second Trump Administration.”

clothed nudist:  How would you know?

a field guide to awkward silences:  [crickets]


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