Almost with a flourish

Perhaps I spoke too soon. Billy Donovan did opt to rest Durant/Westbrook/Ibaka tonight; however, the only Spur getting time off, other than the wounded Boris Diaw, was Manu Ginobili. And it is the last home game in San Antonio before the playoffs; why not give them a spectacle? The Thunder certainly did that for Loud City last night. That said, the Spurs came to life rather slowly tonight, bottoming out 18 points behind during the second quarter and still down 10 at the half. Came the third quarter, and suddenly things were different: OKC managed only 19 points, with the Spurs picking up 31, and we had a barn-burner on our hands. With 1:50 left, the Spurs were up five, up to that point their largest lead; at the :16 point, the game was tied at 93 on a Dion Waiters and-1. Kawhi Leonard went up for a buzzer-beater jumper, but Andre Roberson was having none of that, and for the only time this season, the Spurs had to play overtime. Not that this worried anyone: Leonard kept on scoring, Tony Parker knocked down two freebies with ten seconds left to put the Spurs up 102-98, and that’s where it ended.

And really, it’s fitting that Parker and Leonard would finish the job; they were the only guys out there into the 20-point range. (In a reversal of the usual Thunder two-guys-get-all-the-shots scheme, four OKC players finished at 17, though Enes Kanter, the only bench player to score that much, also reeled in 16 rebounds.) Pop will rest some guys, we are told, tomorrow night in Dallas.

So it’s 55-27 for the Northwestern champs. By coincidence, the 2010-11 Thunder finished 55-27; they made it through two rounds of playoffs before losing to the Mavs in five. And we still don’t have all the Western seeds in place, so we don’t know the first-round opponent yet: it might be Memphis, it might be Dallas. The Griz are half a game up on the Mavs right now, but they’re on their way to Oakland to hand the Warriors their 73rd victory. Maybe. Weird things can happen, even at this stage.


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