Not a major market

Most of this is completely inarguable:

Why buy the cow when you get the milk for free?

Donald Trump isn’t buying TV ads in Super Tuesday states prior to the big day. Doesn’t need to. He’s got all the coverage he needs, and has since June.

New Hampshire TV stations got rich from Jeb Bush and his SuperPac friends.

Well, one New Hampshire TV station: WMUR-TV Manchester, the only actual Big Four network station in the entire state. (It’s ABC, if you care, and why would you?) Everything else is low-power, PBS, or aimed at the Boston market. Still, I’m sure Hearst Television, owner of WMUR, was happy to cash those checks from the Jeb! machine.



  1. fillyjonk »

    28 February 2016 · 4:17 pm

    for whatever it’s worth, in my tv market, the #1 most frequent candidate ads I see are Sanders, with Rubio as a not-exactly-close second.

  2. McGehee »

    28 February 2016 · 4:54 pm

    I only see campaign ads while fast-forwarding through TiVo recordings. No idea which candidate is most represented.

    While I’m glad the GOP nomination isn’t long settled already by the time my vote counts, I am looking forward to Wednesday, when the political ad buys will disappear from local screens for six months.

    And no, I don’t watch TrumpTV (a.k.a. cable news) even when there isn’t an election going on, so free-media campaigning doesn’t affect me in the least. I have to admit though, I’m starting to sympathize with those who still want to resurrect the equal-time rule.

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