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Two years ago, Sabrina Lentini decided to crowdsource a new EP:

I released my first independent EP “No Price For Love” in 2012. It has a very stripped down, intimate sound — just me and my guitar.

This time, I want to breathe even more life into my songs. I’m ready to be “AMPLIFIED!” I’m so excited to add amazing musicians, producers, and creativity. I have so many songs that I’ve written since the last EP, and I just cannot wait to share them with you all! I’m asking you all to please help me with this new project of mine. I need your help every step of the way.

Cover art for second EP by Sabrina LentiniShe asked for $7500, and raised a little more than that in 60 days. Those of us who actually signed up as backers — I’d bought that first EP and liked it enough to keep following her around — were (mostly) patient. But the five new tracks showed up this week, and I’m here to tell you it was worth the wait.

Sabrina is seventeen now, and her voice is ever so slightly lower; the songs, however, are just as catchy as ever, to the extent that I can’t pick an actual favorite. The songs hewing most closely to the Nashville-lite style she’d been honing are the opener, “Amplified,” and the closer, “Boy Next Door,” which sound kind of like bonus tracks from an early Taylor Swift album. But between those two, there’s pure pop for now people, somewhere on the continuum between Colbie Caillat and Skeeter Davis. The arrangements are clean and uncluttered, and the vocals, however many tracks she feels like taking at any given moment, sound utterly sweet. “Duo,” track two — it would have to be, wouldn’t it? — is the song I’d pick for a single, were she so inclined. And Miranda Lambert needs to cover “Bullseye,” pronto.


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  1. CGHill »

    18 February 2016 · 8:39 pm

    Sabrina herself apparently saw this today, screenshotted it, and posted it to her Facebook page.

    (I dunno about that verb: it sounds funny, but you don’t “screenshoot” anything, do you?)

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