A hell of an arrangement

“Two words,” said the not-entirely-cryptic email from McGehee. “Lauren German.”

I drew a blank on the name, then did the usual Binging about. After stints in Hawaii Five-O v2.0 and Chicago Fire, she’s just started Lucifer, the title character of which is the one-time Prince of Darkness, graduated to the next logical plane of existence: running a nightclub in Los Angeles. Lauren plays an LAPD detective, homicide division, who occasionally works with ol’ Scratch to solve crimes. This is not, I am assured, a reality show.

Lauren German, of course, is quite real:

Lauren German sort of taking it easy

Lauren German still sort of taking it easy

Her Wikipedia bio states: “In 2001, German was selected as the world’s 47th-sexiest woman in Maxim.” I never have been able to figure out how they quantify these things. But after looking at some of the pictures from that era, I’d say she hasn’t exactly deteriorated in the interim. Deal with the devil? I report, you deride.



  1. McGehee »

    9 February 2016 · 8:13 am

    I first saw her in a single episode of “Human Target” and, when I happened to see her again by accident on “Hawaii Five-O,” I didn’t realize it was the same actress for some reason. But when I discovered her character was no longer a regular I left that show to my mother-in-law.

    We started watching “Lucifer” for the premise (which seems to be, Milton had the gist but got a few details wrong), but where the premise misfires there’s always Lauren…

  2. Rule 5 Monday: Half Price Chocolate Day Edition : The Other McCain »

    15 February 2016 · 11:53 pm

    […] there’s Women of PETA XLVIII and the obligatory NFL cheerleaders. At Dustbury, it’s Lauren German and Emily Blunt […]

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