You say you have more than one room?

I swear by the antique Honeywell Eyeball thermostat, one of which I’ve lived with for at least half my life, including twelve years here at Surlywood. It is not programmable in the least, unless you consider twisting its dial a form of programming. But the newer ones that talk to your smartphone suffer from one of the same limitations as the Eyeball:

[T]hey only measure temperature in one spot. Now this wouldn’t be a problem if you had only one room in your home, but chances are your house is a little bit bigger. If you do have a home with more than one room, you inevitably have hot and cold spots.

Yea, verily. My bedroom (with windows on three walls, mind you) is about 2°F warmer than the rest of the house in the summer, 2°F cooler in the winter. If I were sufficiently exercised about this to want to do something about it, there’s this contraption:

I’m not sure I want a thermostat so smart that it knows when I’ve moved from the office to the bedroom and tweaks the system accordingly, but rampant gadget-happiness might counteract at least some of my paranoia.


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  1. fillyjonk »

    23 January 2016 · 2:42 pm

    I have a programmable one now. I am sufficiently lazy (and paranoid) that I never did the set up to program it remotely (also, I do not have a smartphone).

    One big huge fault with it? When there is a power outage, it resets to the defaults: 40 F if the heat is on, 85F if the AC is. I recently gave up on having pre-programmed zoned-by-time temperatures and just set it on what I want and punch the “hold” button (and then drop it a few degrees at night or before I leave the house) because reprogramming an entire week’s worth of temperature settings after a five-minute power outage is too much of a chore.

    (The old eyeball thermostats did not have that problem, they ran on mercury or something….)

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