So judgmental of them

We’ve talked about Judgmental Maps before, and most of the time, the residents of the areas mapped seem to take them in stride.

But God forbid they should ever show up at City Hall, at least in sanitized-for-your-oppression Austin, Texas:

City officials in Austin have launched an internal investigation, and placed one staffer on leave, after a satirical map was used as part of a formal presentation.

The map labels Austin neighborhoods, describing East Austin, for instance, as “Blacks Resisting Gentrification” and gays who live in North Austin as “boring.”

City transportation officials used the map as part of a presentation Tuesday to the zoning and platting commission. City Manager Marc Ott learned about it afterward and took immediate action.

Here’s the full map. I’ve posted the Oklahoma City equivalent, which if nothing else suggests that we sprawl even more than Austin does.


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