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Eric S. Raymond joins the National Rifle Association, and explains why:

I joined because the state-worshiping thugs on the other side are doubling down, and they still own most of the media and the machinery of the Federal government. After decades of pretending that they only wanted soi-disant “common-sense” legislation aimed at specific problems around the edges of gun policy, the Democratic Party is now openly talking of outright gun confiscation. The usual suspects in the national press are obediently amplifying their propaganda.

Some things you do for substantive effect — giving money to the SAF so Alan Gura can win another case is like that. Some things you do less for effect than as as a signal of pushback intended to create political momentum and demoralize the other side; joining the NRA is like that.

Gura, you may remember, argued Heller v. DC before the Supreme Court, largely without NRA support. And Raymond’s surely right about that “pushback” business: you can yack all day about the Second Amendment Foundation on, say, Twitter, and never draw a dissenting word; but the moment you mention the NRA, the rotating blades are struck by fecal matter.


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    5 January 2016 · 7:17 am

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