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Last month, I read a perfectly sweet little romantic comedy called Strangely, Incredibly Good by Canadian author Heather Grace Stewart. (Review here.) This is the cover art:

Original cover art of Strangely, Incredibly Good

Um, scratch that. As of the New Year, this is the cover art:

Current cover art of Strangely, Incredibly Good

I am not one to complain about this sort of thing — nice, if impractical, shoes, after all — but I did drop a note to the author, since we’re on speaking terms in the Twitter sense: “I wonder if maybe there’s a small core of models who pose for all those body parts on chicklit covers.”

Said she: “bet they make a better living than I do,” followed by a string of emojis.

Now Stewart has a publisher, so presumably this was their idea. If you’re publishing your own book, and you’re loath to contribute to the 20 percent (I’m guessing) of all genre fiction aimed at women that’s decorated with pictures from Here Down — well, you can always go prefab:

Premade cover art for an ebook

The details:

With a beautiful woman staring out over a body of water toward a distant city skyline, this cover had an adventurous, anticipatory feel to it. The touch of vintage sophistication adds an air of mystery and makes this a great cover for your next romance or chick lit novel.

This was offered for $89. The manufacturer says that they will sell each template only once, so there aren’t going to be fifteen identical-looking covers in the Kindle Store. And some of their offerings are decidedly less, um, conservative than this one.


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  1. Francis W. Porretto »

    7 January 2016 · 12:16 pm

    I just finished (and reviewed) it. Excellent.

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