Quote of the week

This is the opening to a Daily Beast article:

What Happens When You Survive Ebola

Memory loss. Irreversible skin and nerve damage. Hair thinning. Arthritis. The lingering effects of Ebola can last a lifetime.

Glenn Reynolds replies:

To be fair, when you don’t survive Ebola, the effects also last a lifetime.

Heh. Indeed. ™



  1. Nicole »

    18 October 2015 · 11:36 am

    Heh. Indeed.

    Llamabutchers? I know I know that bit. Or did they snag it from someone else?

  2. fillyjonk »

    18 October 2015 · 12:56 pm

    Yeah, but I bet you can walk into any bar in the land and get SOMEONE to buy you a drink on the basis of “Hey, I survived Ebola!”

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