Giant exiled from valley

He’s jolly, he’s green, and he’s outta here:

General Mills has had enough frozen and canned vegetables, it seems, as the company announced it’s selling off its Green Giant and Le Sueur brands for $765 million in cash. It’s been trying to move away from packaged food as consumers’ tastes have changed, and this appears to be one more way it’s shedding its old image as it looks for a new approach to selling food.

The new owner is B&G Foods, a company that owns brands like Molly McButter cheese flavoring and Pirate’s Booty, though General Mills said it will still operate Green Giant in Europe and other export markets under license from B&G, reports the Wall Street Journal.

Said Booty, I have learned, is a cheese puff with actual cheese.

And as I may have mentioned before, this isn’t the worst thing ever to happen to the Giant.


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  1. Joseph Hertzlinger »

    5 September 2015 · 11:30 pm

    In Bored of the Rings, the analog of Treebeard was the Jolly Green Giant.

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