A copywriter needs to be taken outback

This British pitch for Australian wines might be construed as a trifle, um, forward:

The simultaneous Twitter campaign is, if anything, even more blatant:

Emma Boyle is ever so slightly torqued off:

You could almost be fooled into thinking the mention of a woman having pubic hair in advertising was progressive, if it wasn’t for the actress’s reaction to her own statement. Why have her look embarrassed?

But my biggest question is this: why do you want to associate the taste of your wine with having tasteless wiry hair in your mouth? The advert isn’t clever, and if it is a laugh, it’s the cheap sniggering kind of laugh you hear from the mouths of boys hunched over sticky magazines at the back of the classroom.


Oh, never mind.

Note: An earlier version of this piece misattributed the off-torquedness to Holly Brockwell.



  1. Georganna Hancock (@GLHancock) »

    18 August 2015 · 2:44 pm

    Oh, for fuck’s sake – it’s Australian! “Bush” is “country” there!

  2. fillyjonk »

    18 August 2015 · 3:58 pm

    1. I wonder if the association of the word is the same in the UK as here.

    2. Maybe the spot is brought to us by Beavis and Butthead, LLC, Advertising.

  3. CGHill »

    18 August 2015 · 5:30 pm

    In Australia itself, this reference wouldn’t have raised so much as an eyebrow. (And I’m pretty sure the context is identical, UK to US.)

  4. Joe »

    19 August 2015 · 7:18 am

    Since my sense of humor never graduated Jr High, I found it amusing

  5. Roger Green »

    19 August 2015 · 9:45 am

    Actually, I imagined that the woman saw what she looked like in a mirror (or the camera), added the words, and THAT was why she looked so embarrassed.

  6. ETat »

    20 August 2015 · 7:17 am

    FL, as usual, is spot on re: B&B enterprise.

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