The glucose is clear

I’m not quite sure I understand this promotion:

Actually, that’s only half a gallon, but it still sounds a bit strange.

(Via Dawn Summers.)



  1. fillyjonk »

    20 July 2015 · 5:26 pm

    I….have no words.

    We now live in the Irony Universe, I think.

    (They put a new soda machine in my building. It has a big sign on it from the manufacturer that says something like “Calories count. Why not choose a lower-calorie drink?” and I’m all “yeah, good idea” as I head for the totally-free drinking fountain down the hall from it. (Not a big fan of soda))

  2. McGehee »

    20 July 2015 · 6:23 pm

    Do they have unsweet tea at KFC?

    Personally, I think every fast food place should also offer unflavored seltzer water. It would be easy enough with the standard dispensers. In fact it already happens occasionally when the syrup runs out on whatever is the most popular drink, or stops flowing on the least popular.

    Or both.

  3. fillyjonk »

    21 July 2015 · 6:08 am

    “The Syrup must flow.”

    I’d be down with either unflavored seltzer, or the unsweetened-but-lightly-lemon-flavored kind. Soda these days seems too sweet and thick, and most “sugar free” stuff makes me ill.

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