This is an ex-princess

Given my not-quite-an-obsession with the trappings of royalty, wicked monarchist that I am, it seems only natural to look in on someone who rose to heady heights and then opted for something a bit closer to the ground.

I give you, therefore, Alexandra, Countess of Frederiksborg, 51 today, who was a full-fledged princess when she was married to Prince Joachim of Denmark, younger son of Queen Margrethe II.

Countess Alexandra

She and the prince were wed in 1995, separated in 2004, and divorced in 2005; she retained the title of Countess, is addressed as “Your Excellency,” and draws an allowance of $330,000 a year. (Their two children are still officially princes.) What broke the couple apart is not officially disclosed, though there has been no shortage of speculation.

Countess Alexandra

Alexandra’s ancestry is gloriously mixed: English and Chinese on her father’s side, Czech and Austrian on her mother’s. She remarried in 2007, to photographer Martin Jørgensen, fourteen years her junior.


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