Your very best Bai

What always gets me about Bai Ling is that she’s a perfectly serious actress with a perfectly zany side. She’d been acting in Chinese films since the middle Eighties, but made a fearsome debut before US audiences in 1994 in The Crow, in which she played the half-sister and occasional lover of gang boss Top Dollar. She followed this with the female lead in Red Corner, opposite Richard Gere, a role that annoyed the Chinese government to the extent that they actually revoked her citizenship. (She has since become an American citizen.) She says that her scenes in Star Wars III: Revenge of the Sith were cut because she’d done a pictorial for Playboy; George Lucas says no, the cut happened before the pictorial was announced.

Much of her online fame, though, is due to Wacky Costumery. Witness this shot from a waiting area in LAX, earlier this year:

Bai Ling at Los Angeles International Airport

This is perhaps less wacky, but since when does a Big International Star (sort of) drive a Volkswagen?

Bai Ling buys a Beetle convertible

She’s also a hoot on Twitter (@RealBaiLing), where she posts news and bits of philosophy and lots and lots of selfies, some in Wacky Costumery, a few in apparently nothing at all. For an example of the latter, look below the jump:

Bai Ling doesn't bother to get dressed

I figure that at her age — she’ll turn 48 this fall — she might as well do as she darn well pleases.



  1. Tatyana »

    21 June 2015 · 8:00 am

    “A small dog seems a puppy all her life”. Russian proverb.

    That Bai looks a fierce bitch.

  2. McGehee »

    21 June 2015 · 10:13 am

    She played a lethal Kung Fu robot in “Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow,” and though her face was concealed her body language sold it — mainly the “lethal” part.

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