Lost count

Monica Lewis was thirty when she did this number for an indifferent MGM musical in 1952. There are three things you ought to know about her:

  • For a couple of years she was married to record producer Bob Thiele, who at the time was running the Signature Records label.
  • She was the voice of the animated Chiquita Banana, who warned you not to put bananas in the fridge. (I never have.)
  • She did advertising for Burlington, a major hosiery manufacturer, and justifiably so.

Monica Lewis shows some gam

And you may not need to know this: Monica Lewis, who died Friday at her home in Woodland Hills, California, was my oldest Twitter follower. She was 93.



  1. McGehee »

    14 June 2015 · 10:17 pm

    And she followed me on Twitter because of this

    Leggy and hip.

  2. CGHill »

    14 June 2015 · 10:39 pm

    And very much on the ball right up until the very end, it seems.

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