Tastiest prize of them all

Indiana’s Hoosier Lottery — who else would have a Hoosier Lottery? — is circulating scratch-off cards that smell like bacon. That’s been done before, but this hasn’t:

[U]nlike previous bacon-themed lotteries designed to tempt your olfactory system, this one actually includes the savory meat in the list of prizes, with a 20-year supply of bacon at stake for players.

Along with rewarding whiff of meat on the $2 cards that went on sale [Tuesday], there are the usual cash prizes to tempt players, with instant prizes of up to $10,000 and five chances to win 20 years of bacon.

Some of us could go through twenty years’ worth faster than others, I suspect. And just how much is twenty years’ worth, anyway?

[T]he prize will be paid out in 20 installments of bacon (worth approximately $250 each) to allow for easy refrigeration, according to the official rules [pdf].

Odds of bringing home this bacon: 1 in 1,284,200.


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