U can’t watch this

‘Cause I said so:

Yahoo Answers screenshot: Hacking your own home tv show?

Since this makes no sense by itself, the follow-up:

I want to learn to hack my home tv satellite and tv so that people cannot watch certain show or program and will change the show or program based on the data that I input

There are, I suspect, exactly two possibilities here:

  • Guy’s never heard of parental controls;
  • Guy’s heard of parental controls, but the Younger Folk know more about them than he does.

The question of whether this would be a violation of the agreement with the satellite company is left as an exercise for the student.



  1. fillyjonk »

    2 June 2015 · 1:47 pm

    Third option: guy who wants to gaslight his significant other. Or guy with similar passive-aggressive problems.

  2. backwoods conservative »

    2 June 2015 · 2:19 pm

    I suspect somebody is not letting him have the remote.

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