No place for a face

Lindsay Ellingson, thirty and tall, meets the general definition, as once specified by David Letterman, of “leggy supermodel.” But this sentence from her Wikipedia page, describing her work for Victoria’s Secret, somewhat messes with my head:

In 2011, she became one of the brand’s signature Angels, as well as the face of its perfume line VS Attractions and its new bra, Gorgeous.

I really, really don’t want to imagine someone being the face of a bra. Really.

The actual introduction, however, seems kind of prosaic:

Lindsay Ellingson introduces the Gorgeous bra for Victoria's Secret

Um, okay. (By the way, her eyes are up there.)

Last week at Cannes, by comparison, she was downright futuristic in Ulyana Sergeenko:

Lindsay Ellingson at Cannes 2015

Says Heather of the Fug Girls:

I like the liquid-look fabric. This whole outfit looks to me like a special-effect — like when Robert Patrick in Terminator 2 would be in the middle of morphing from metal into human. In that vein, I like the middle of the dress and am waiting for the rest of it to catch up.

And then it doesn’t happen:

Lindsay Ellingson at Cannes

Heather again:

Naturally, I hate the back. She looks like a very expensive circus performer.

Normal guys will be delighted to hear that Lindsay married a normal guy last year, quite uncharacteristic of leggy supermodels.

(Photos: Gorgeous bra, Adam Bielawski; Cannes, Getty Images.)



  1. backwoods conservative »

    20 May 2015 · 8:52 am

    Maybe they just want to put her face in the first place guys look.

  2. Tatyana »

    20 May 2015 · 8:59 pm

    and now tell me honestly – would you recognize her on the street?
    with a face and figure like hers she should be working in surveillance: she’s indistinguishable from 100 similar fake blondes

  3. CGHill »

    20 May 2015 · 10:34 pm

    For all I know, she might be working in surveillance. And if I’m desperate for leggy quasi-blondes, there’s always Fox News.

  4. Tatyana »

    21 May 2015 · 7:25 am

    Fox news blondes have faces. Quite unforgettable, in fact.
    This one has no focus in her facial features, they look randomly chosen from a menu; she might be drawn in manga.

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    24 May 2015 · 12:50 pm

    […] Louise, and Sex in Advertising is (un)covered by Victoria’s Secret. At Dustbury, it’s Lindsay Ellingson and Maggie Gyllenhaal […]

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