You didn’t teach that

And I reply, “Well, no, I assumed you would figure this out on your own.” And I was wrong:

Youth nowadays believe they don’t need to know anything, because they have what educational bureaucrats call “learning skills.” As long as they are capable of finding something with a Google search, what does it matter whether or not they ever actually do Google it? Their entire mental life is built around the idea expressed by every apathetic student taking a required course in college: “Is this going to be on the exam?”

So we have many millions of allegedly “educated” Americans, people with college degrees who haven’t opened a book since they received their diploma. They went to college in order to obtain a credential that would qualify them for an office job with a salary, benefits, paid vacation and everything else deemed necessary to middle-class life. Once they got the requisite credential, their interest in “education” ended, and so they spend their leisure watching Netflix or playing XBox or in some other amusement. Read a book? Why would anyone want to read a book?

Which explains why so many of them are upset at the fact that said credential hasn’t opened up the desired doors, leaving them, as the buzzword says, “underemployed,” serving up lattes and such to people they despise. It boils their fundaments that life might actually require work, and that their piece of sheepskin and their $73,000 in debt won’t magically produce a life of leisure.

I probably spent less time in a classroom than any post-adolescent you’re likely to meet. As a result, anything I’ve needed to know over the years, I’ve had to find out on my own. Fortunately, the one thing I did learn in those few classroom days is how to find things out. And if I’ve learned anything in non-classroom life, it’s that a test of some sort can come at any time, whether I’m prepared or not.



  1. fillyjonk »

    11 May 2015 · 6:00 pm

    And this is why I take comments on evals like “She makes us do TOO MUCH MATH” or “She made us read scientific journal articles and those are HARD” as a point of pride. (A lot of the time, JFGI means you get crap. Low effort in, low quality information out….)

  2. McGehee »

    11 May 2015 · 7:36 pm

    Death begins when learning ends.

  3. okie1701 »

    12 May 2015 · 5:50 am

    The best thing I was ever taught was from my Dad: “This is how you fix this.” I would see him later fix that same problem differently.

    I would, of course, exclaim: “That’s not how you told me to fix it last time.” “Correct, this is how I fix it, I found a better way…”

    Granted, it took a few times for that lesson to sink in. I also had great teachers who helped me learn how to actually think. I was lucky?

    (My senior year English teacher berates me to this day for using commas too much.) ahem

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