Note to future husbands

Of all the red-carpet appearances on Sunday night’s Grammy Awards broadcast, it was Meghan Trainor’s that shook me up the most:

Meghan Trainor at the Grammys in Galia Lahav

This appears to have emerged from Galia Lahav’s MoonStruck collection, about which the designer says:

As the moon is the spotlight amongst the many stars in the night sky, so is the female’s body when reflected within layers of lace and silk. This collection is a black prism of black shades and shimmers of sheer textured fabric representing a midst summer nights dream. Moon Struck elegantly takes you away to a place of serenity where body silhouettes are revealed as a revolutionary era of evening gowns are born.

Rediscovering the mermaid shape as nymphs once roamed the oceans in Greek mythology, this is like a collection like never before, elegant with movement in the night. Each gown holds the shape to a figure of a goddess.

And then suddenly it made sense. Trainor, as she’s mentioned before, ain’t no size 2; but a goddess appears as she damned well pleases. If you have designs on her, so to speak, here are your marching orders. Keep in mind that she brought her dad to the Grammys.




  1. Tatyana »

    10 February 2015 · 11:33 am

    She would look half-decent if
    1) the shell of the dress will be extended to the floor
    2) she’d lose half of mascara
    3) her nail polish will be of ONE color
    4) she died her hair consistently from roots to ends, preferably to a hue resembling her own natural one.

    Another thing: black is not her color. Mint-green: maybe.

  2. Tatyana »

    10 February 2015 · 11:39 am

    Went to link.
    OMG. “My adorable father”? “Get what you deserve – that’s why [father] is here”?
    Beware of those daddies playing party escort to their “goddesses” daughters.

  3. CGHill »

    11 February 2015 · 5:23 pm

    I admit to being slightly queasy about the dress, but I’m delighted that she decided to show up several of the blanded-out babes on the red carpet. (I swear, Lady Gaga looked almost matronly.)

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