Born 1989

It just dawned on me that today is Taylor Swift’s birthday.

Now we’ve already had a couple of pictures of Tay this week, but hey, it’s her birthday.

And I really wonder about this expression she’s wearing at the iHeart Radio Jingle Ball:

Taylor Swift for iHeart Radio

In a more mellow mood, here’s another shot from her Keds campaign:

Taylor Swift for Keds

Ah, those were the days.



  1. backwoods conservative »

    13 December 2014 · 3:24 pm

    The thing I noticed about today is the date is 12/13/14. It’s the last time in this century the month, day, and year will appear in numerical order.

    I ran across a quote today that goes into my Very Well Put department. I was watching a Don McLean video and heard him say, “When people ask me what American Pie means, I tell them it means I don’t have to work anymore if I don’t want to.”

  2. CGHill »

    13 December 2014 · 3:56 pm

    Good on Don. He was probably sick of the whole analysis thing anyway.

    If you blow off leading zeroes, which nobody’s data structure will allow, there’s always 1-2-34.

  3. backwoods conservative »

    13 December 2014 · 4:13 pm

    Good catch. I expect to be retired by then, but if I’m still doing paperwork that’s the way I would write it.

    I still shake my head when I see people try to analyze Jabberwocky. Some people don’t seem to realize that not everything has some meaning or purpose behind it. It’s just something that happens to bubble up out of a creative mind.

  4. Roger Green »

    13 December 2014 · 4:40 pm

    What? You haven’t listened to Coverville this week?

  5. CGHill »

    13 December 2014 · 4:56 pm

    Actually, I hadn’t. [facepalm]

    Dumb reason: I have the subscription run through the work box, and I took off work this week. This is called “getting lazy in one’s old age.”

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    14 December 2014 · 10:54 pm

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