Sports shortage alleviated

RadioInsight reports on recent sales:

Fred & Evelyn Morton sell 96.5 K243BJ Oklahoma City to Tyler Media for $100. The translator is currently operated by Tyler as CHR “Now 96.5” rebroadcasting 107.7 KRXO-HD2, however the application states Sports “The Franchise 2” 1560 KEBC Del City will be the originating station.

Because, you know, there just aren’t enough spots on the dial where you can get sports in this town.

The Now 96.5 programming seems to have landed on K225BN, at 92.9, where it will at least have 200 watts to play with instead of 120. It won’t be interfering with KBEZ Tulsa, also on 92.9, though it’s going to be a mess where fringe-reception areas meet.



  1. JT »

    4 November 2014 · 5:54 pm

    If it was a jazz station 200 watts would make it one of the most powerful jazz stations in the USA.

  2. Brian »

    6 November 2014 · 6:51 am

    Seems OKC is doomed to have no smooth jazz station. We almost had one when Okemah’s 103.7 was broadcasting jazz, but it’s now playing contemporary Christian. :(

    Tyler seems to have quite a few translators going right now. If my count is correct, they operate four of them. This includes 92.9, 96.5, 103.1, and 104.5. Between the Tylers and the various God-casters, the FM band is quite crowded these days! The problem is, there seems to be even less variety today than before.

  3. CGHill »

    6 November 2014 · 10:10 am

    I consider all of these basically sleazoid efforts to get around the FCC’s already-too-broad ownership limits.

  4. CGHill »

    23 November 2014 · 9:56 pm

    RadioInsight is now reporting that Tyler plans to move 96.5 back to the southside, but with 250 watts.

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