Apparently it’s just this simple

Bark M. explains how to retain one’s job in the Ed Biz:

When I was a Music Education major at The Ohio State University, we had a guest speaker, the district Music supervisor from the Columbus Public Schools, come speak in our Introductory Music Ed class. He gave us the secret to keeping our jobs forever:

  • Don’t steal money from your district
  • Don’t have sex with your students

“They must not be teaching you that anymore, because we keep firing teachers,” he said.

I’m just trying to imagine Robert Stacy McCain’s response to that.


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  1. fillyjonk »

    24 October 2014 · 10:03 am

    Yeah, those are kind of like the “How To Lose Tenure Once You Have It” warnings in our faculty handbook. (Also: do not commit, or at least, do not be convicted of, a felony).

    Secretly, though, part of me believes there’s also some secret rule somewhere, or some Permanent Record thing that some stupid mistake I make or minor infraction I commit will lead to my being fired. Though that’s probably not an entirely bad thing, not being too relaxed about how you do your job.

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